1. A cushion used primarily in churches for kneeling on while praying
  2. A thick cushion used as a seat; an ottoman or pouffe
  3. A dense clump of grass; a tussock

7 letters in word "hassock": A C H K O S S.

Anagrams of hassock:

Words found within hassock:

ach ah ahs as ash ask askos asks ass cash cask casks ch cha chao chaos chas cos cosh coss ha hack hacks hao has hask hasks ho hoa hoas hoc hock hocks hos hoss ka kas ko koa koas kos koss oak oaks oca ocas och oh ohs oka okas os oshac oshacs ossa sac sack sacks sacs sash sco sh sha shack shacko shacks shako shakos shock shocks ska skas skosh so soak soaks soc soca socas sock socks socs soh sohs sokah sokahs sos ssh